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3 Pin Universal Travel Adapter US/UK/EU to NZ/AU

3 Pin Universal Travel Adapter US/UK/EU to NZ/AU

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• Small Travel Size. 
• Converts Universal Plugs to a AU/NZ 3 Pin Plug. 
• Electrical Rating: 250V 10A. 
• Suitable for Use in Australia and New Zealand. 
• Please Note that this Adapter Cannot Convert Voltage.

Difference Between 2 Pin and 3 Pin Adapters: 
The 2 pin adapter will not supply an earth to your device. If any of your devices have the 3rd round pin on the plug in addition to the 2 flat pins, that is an indication that it may require an earth for safety. Most electronics don't have this need and have only 2 pin plugs attached. 

The 2 pin adapter consists of two prongs, one called the "hot" or "live" and the other called the "neutral". 3 pin adapter limits the amount of power that can flow through the circuit, as compared to a 2 pin adapter. Hence, 3 pin adapters are safer as compared to 2 pin adapters. 

Color: Light Grey.

Package Includes: 3 Pin Universal Travel Adapter x 1.

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